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Launching a new company or product into a region at some point requires some marketing services.  In smaller companies or start-up's there is very often no marketing department and marketing is done by executive management and the sales force.  As companies grow marketing needs to be added to help calibrate the size of the market, to fund future investment, and to help develop sales collaterals, align markets and target prospective buyers to help fill the "sales funnel."

At Jana we have experienced marketeers, technical writers,  as well as promotional and advertising expertise, and can help companies at the incubator stage as well as supplement any existing in-house capabilities.

Services we offer include:

Positioning: This includes competitive analysis, market segmentation, marketing messages, proof of value proposition (ROI), Packaging.  For an example of a product marketing summary sheet click here.  For an example of a product marketing data sheet click here.

Continous Communication: The traditional idea of a marketing campaign produced a set number of times a year, in a pre-agreed format, and through an agreed channel is less relevant now than it ever has been. Marketing needs to be an ongoing sequence of personalised messages through a convenient channel rather than one of mailings or one off communication.  Let Jana work with you you on your continous communication strategy.

Promotion:  Collateral materials, Advertising, Trade Shows, PR, Customer Testimonials, Technical Writing, Sales value refinement.  For an example of Technical writing please click here.

Online Presence:  Most business now have an online presence.  Done well it can allow smaller firms compete on an equal footing with larger companies - but only if customers can find the site !  An estimated £3 billion pounds a year is wasted by the Small to Medium business sector in the UK alone on websites that are invisible to search engines (statistics from "Search Marketing for small businesses" by Microsoft).  That equates to more than 62% not investing in marketing campaigns to promote their product or service online.  At Jana we can help with both SEM and SEO marketing campaigns to help get your product or service noticed.

Marketing is more than just setting the four P's - product, pricing, place and promotion. Done well, it can help an organisation fulfill it's strategic as well as tactical goals.

Marketing and Sales funnel

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